To prevent locos from stuttering over switches or dirty tracks, many DCC decoders support the use of a buffer capacitor to supply the motor with energy during sections with insufficient rail contact. This works exceptionally well and greatly increases reliability, but requires a considerable amount of space for the buffer capacitor. Standard electrolytic types are often too big to fit into switchers or shunters, but unfortunately these engines (where few wheels exist to pick up current) will need them most! 

Luckily, the solution is easy - build your own buffer capacitor out of several micro tantalum capacitors as buffer. Simply arrange them to packs of the desired size and place them wherever you find space, and enjoy smooth movement even over the most critical tracks of your layout!

The video shows a Trix DHG500 shunter (from set 21523) which has three axles, and only two of them are used for power pickup. Without the buffer capacitors, it is very prone to stuck at points or other sections with insufficient contact, but the capacitor pack changes the game:




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